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CuongVu Marine - Summer trip 2020

 June brings the excitement of the summer with exciting trips.

 According to the annual practice, CuongVu Marine will organize a tour program for all employees of the Company with the desire to bring joy, relaxation, and solidarity among employees. At the same time, this is also a time for employees to re-create creativity and dynamism at work in order to contribute to promoting the development of the company and providing the best service to customers.
CuongVu Marine's summer destination is Da Nang and Hoi An.

On the first day, after landing at Danang International Airport, the group moved to the hotel to rest and freely swim at the beautiful My Khe beach. And enjoy an extremely cool dinner together at a seafood restaurant right next to the beach.

After dinner, our group moved to the East bank of the Han River to take photos at the Love Bridge and see the fire-breathing dragon bridge.
On the second day of the trip, all members came together to visit the tourist attractions in Danang. 
 The group went to visit an extremely beautiful place in Son Tra, which is the Obama Rock.Despite being a place that has been put into tourism, Obama Da Nang Beach still retains its inherent wild beauty. Not noisy, crowded as My Khe beach, Ba Na Hill, .. on the contrary, this place gives visitors a feeling of tranquility and tranquility to an exotic. With fresh air and gentle breeze of the sea, you will feel extremely refreshed and full of energy.

The next place is Linh Ung Pagoda - the temple has the largest Guan Yin Buddha statue in Vietnam.


After lunch in Da Nang, our group moved to the resort in Hoi An to rest to prepare energy for the next activities.


No need to travel far, even at the resort, the members of the group can commune with nature,  which brings an extremely relaxing feeling.


After dinner with a romantic scenery on the beach, the members moved to visit the ancient town of Hoi An.


On the third day, instead of choosing the entertainment spots, the group decided to move to visit My Son Sanctuary.


Hot weather also can not reduce the spirit of wanting to understand the history of the mysterious and mysterious beauty of this place.


Dinner at a restaurant in the style of Hoi An.


The last day of the trip, the team took a rest, had lunch in Hoi An then moved to Da Nang to visit shopping at Con market - a market not to be missed when coming to Da Nang.


Da Nang - Hoi An are two cities worth visiting. We returned to the capital, but we still remember the long beaches, glass of juice, the familiar street food in this city. Thank Cuong Vu Marine for giving us a meaningful trip, for us to feel new emotions in a new horizon and collect more happy memories of youth when living and working together !

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